80 Day Obsession: Day 12 – Legs


It’s day 12 and that means it’s everyones favourite… Leg day!! It’s been a long week and I am ready for the weekend, so I was ready to get this workout over with so I could enjoy the evening. So right after work I got home and immediately changed into my workout clothes and started the workout.

DAY 12
3 sets/10 reps • 52 min.


This week is all about lifting heavier so this workout is three shorter sets. During this video Autumn was struggling with her grip strength and it was nice to see that she is real and even she struggles at times. It really helped me get through my workout.

Reverse Lunges
Curtsy Lunges

Sumo Squats
Front Diagonal Lunges
Twisting Back Angle Lunge

Single-Leg Good Morning
Hip Hinge
Buddha Squats

My body was a little tight from yesterday luckily it was mostly my triceps and upper body so I got through the workout. I’m kind of dreading the workout tomorrow but for now I am gonna watch tv and enjoy the evening.

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80 Day Obsession: Day 11 – AAA

Hey Everyone!

I know that I just posted about yesterdays workout but I wanted to get back on track so here’s my Day 11 post!

Another day and another workout done! Today is Day 11 of my 80 day obsession journey and the workout of the day is AAA (That means Arms, Abs and A$$!) This is one of my favorite workout types and the fact that we were working negatives makes it that much better because I can feel the workout and feel that I am gaining strength.

DAY 11
3 sets/10 reps • 55 min.
Weights, Resistance Loops,
Strength Slides, Mat*


As I mentioned this workout is all about the negatives that means we focus on the eccentric movement and not the concentric movements. What does that mean? Well, you contract for a count of one and then you take three seconds to return to your starting position. This is a great way to get stronger, and since this is a heavier lifting day because we are doing 3 sets of 10 you can increase your weights even more.

One of the reasons that I really like this workout is the variety of movements you are working a bunch of different muscle groups and you get through the movements quickly so if there is one that you might not particularly like you are done of it before you know it and moving right along to the next one.

Something that Autumn mentioned in this video really hit home today she was talking about how we are in the middle of week two and how the mental game is starting to kick in because the newness of the program has worn off and you probably aren’t feeling it as much as you were last week. As soon as I heard this I was like “Yes that’s definitely where I’m at today!” She said to set a goal/intention for this workout and it really got me to remember to focus on just today. If I sat here and thought about the 69 days that I have left I get a little overwhelmed, but just getting through a 60 minute workout is much easier to focus on. That little switch in mindset was exactly what I needed!

Upright Row
Bent Over Fly
Frog Sliders
Glute Bridge w/Loop

Skull Crushers
Weighted Ab Sit-Up
Quad Ped Heel Press

Bent Over Row
Hammer Curl
Knee Tucks
Fire Hydrant

 After I was finished with this workout I felt great! I could really feel my muscles working and I felt happy that I was able to cross off another day on the calendar! If you want to follow along with my journey on Instagram check out @allisonshapesup and if you have any comments or questions I would love to hear from you.




80 Day Obsession: Day 10 – Cardio Core

Hi again!

Day 10’s workout was Cardio Core, and and this one is the same as last week. We start with our usual warmup, and then get right into the work.

DAY 10
3 sets/30 sec. each •
37 min. • Strength Slides


The thing I really like about this workout is that you do a skip rope move followed by a higher intensity HIIT move and then a core move to bring your heart rate back down. There are 6 different series each with three moves. We do 3 sets of each and then finish off the workout with a round of all the core movements.

Series 1

  1. Single leg skip
  2. Single leg squat jump
  3. Mountain climbers

Series 2

  1. Heel Skip
  2. Pepper Step
  3. Pike

Series 3

  1. Butt Kicks skip
  2. From Jump/Twist
  3. Side Plank Crunches

Series 4

  1. High knees/Butt Kicks skip
  2. Skater jumps (multidirectional)
  3. Side Plank crunches

Series 5

  1. X Jump Skip
  2. Standing mountain climbers
  3. Alternating knee pulls

Series 6

  1. Knee up cross overs skip
  2. Squat jumps
  3. Circle teasers

Core Series

This workout is shorter than the other ones, but I am still able to burn the same amount of calories because you really get your heart rate up with the cardio moves. Even if you have to do some modifications you can get a really great workout in 35 minutes! I can tell that I’m getting stronger slowly but surely!

You might not be able to tell from this picture but in that selfie I was very sweaty!! If you want to follow along with my journey on instagram check out @allisonshapesup. If you have any comments or questions I would love to hear from you!



80 Day Obsession: Day 9 – Booty

Hey everyone!

It’s Day 9 and I decided to do my workout after work again. The workout of the day is a booty workout and I was actually looking forward to this one.

The only thing that you need for this workout is resistance bands, and it’s good to have different strengths so that you can switch them out as necessary.

3 SETS • 10 REPS


Glute Bridge
Bridge to Clam
1st Position Bridge

Straight Leg Lift
Toe Taps Across & Side

Toe Taps Front & Back
Press Backs

Standing Hinge
Leg Press Side
Bend Over Press Back

Squat Side-to-Side
Duck Walk
Side Lunges

I really liked this workout first of all I really felt it. Even though you do less reps this time Autumn makes you do all your reps for one series on one side and then you switch to the other side whereas in the previous workout you could alternate sides. Even though for the majority of the workout I was on the ground I was still able to burn over 300 calories.


During this workout the cast were really having a great time and laughing and joking. You can really tell that they enjoy working together and support each other. The modifier was having a hard time knocking over her water bottle and having trouble with her resistance bands but they were really supportive.

Still really enjoying the workouts and I think I will keep doing the evening workouts this week because I didn’t hate it. If you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear from you.


80 Day Obsession: Day 8 – Total Body Core

Hey everyone!!

I didn’t get a great sleep on Sunday night so when I woke up on Monday morning I decided that I would do my workout after work instead of the morning.

I will say that I do normally have more energy in the mornings but when I got home from work I put my workout clothes on and got to work.

This week we start all the workouts again. The first day of the week is Total Body Core. The only difference from last week is that this time we do 3 sets of 10 reps for each move and use heavier weights.

3 sets/10 reps • 60 min.

Squat Rotating Shoulder Press
Lateral Bear Crawl
Spider Loops

Bent Over Row, Single, Single
One Hand Renegade Row Twist w/Loop
Boat Pose Lat Pull

Push-Up Leg Lift w/Loop
Chest Fly w/Leg Lift
Side V Loop Kicks

Staggered Stance Bicep Curl
C-Curve Crunch w/Weights at 90
Side Plank Knee Pull

Tricep Kickbacks: Single, Single
Single-Arm Loop Extension
Tricep Push-Up

The workout moves pretty quickly because there are fewer reps and there is little to no time in between the moves/sets. I didn’t burn as many calories as the first week but it was still a good workout.

I even earned my June Challenge award from my apple watch! If you want to follow along with me on instagram check out @allisonshapes up


If you have any comments or questions I would love to hear from you!


80 Day Obsession: Day 6 – Cardio Flow

Hey guys!

This is going up a day later because life got in the way and I was enjoying time with family having fun and living my best life 🙂 Better late than never right?

2 SETS • 15 REPS |


This workout is unlike all the others because this workout will be the same the entire 80 days the only difference is that in phase one you complete four reps of each move, in phase two you do six reps each and in the final phase you do eight reps each. The nice thing about this is that you will get to see a progression and make sure that you are getting stronger.

The workout is kind of like a ladder workout where each move adds on to the previous one. So how it works is that you complete four reps of the first move and then you go back to the beginning do another set of the first move and then add on 4 reps of the second move. Then you start back at the beginning do four reps of the first, second and third move etc adding another move each time. When you get to the tenth and final move you end the workout with two run-throughs of all ten moves.

There is no warmup for this workout since the first two moves act like a warmup.

  1. Inchworms
  2. Spider pushups
  3. Diamond squats
  4. Flamingos
  5. Duck lunges
  6. Gorillas
  7. Step-throughs
  8. Bear walks
  9. Crab tricep dips
  10. Mule to frog

This is only a 30-minute workout but it is a tough one! You don’t realize how much those four reps add up until you’re doing all the moves back to back. I will be honest that this morning when I woke up my hamstrings, quads, glutes and core were really sore so I didn’t really give this workout my all. I’m glad that this workout will be the same so that I can really do better next time and challenge myself to get through the entire workout without any modifications in the future.


Today is Sunday so I’m watching the weekly obsession episode and planning out my week. Hope that you all have a great week. If you have any comments or questions I would love to hear from you.



Fun things I did this summer

Hey everyone,

It’s fall, even though the snow on the ground suggests otherwise, and so I thought I would take a minute to reflect on all the awesome stuff I did this summer. It was a great summer filled with fun activities, so I thought it would be nice to share some of the fun things that I got to do during the last few months.


  1. Pride Parade -On Saturday June 11th Marissa and I went to check out the 37th Edmonton Pride Parade. Lots of fun and lots of rainbows 🙂
  2. Esks fan day – This year the Eskimos hosted a fan day at Clarke field. They did a practice and then autograph session. I decided to take the football my dad gave me for Christmas to get signed by the team.
  3. Oilers sale – This was the last year the oilers played at Rexall Place and they held a sale to sell off a lot of merchandise and even items from the arena. Marissa and I decided to check it out and picked up a few discounted items.
  4. Ottawa trip – I got to go to our beautiful capital city for a work conference this summer. It was very hot and even though I spent the majority of the time in lectures for the conference we got to do at least some sightseeing.
  5. Fire Aid concert – Unfortunately, this May was extremely warm and a wildfire quickly got out of control in Fort MacMurray to devastating effect. Canadian musicians came together to put on a Fire Aid Concert with proceeds going to help the victims of the fire. The Allain’s went to listen to the music and help the cause.


  1. Canada Day Decos – Got my festive decorations up
  2. Canada Day – Got to participate in some Canada festivities. Started out with a workout at the gym and then met up with a friend at Moxie’s for lunch and then finished the night with the fireworks. Happy Birthday Canada!
  3. Color me Rad 5k – Another fun run with my siblings. This run was very fun and we were all very colorful by the end.
  4. Wimbledon – Got to cheer on fellow Canadian Milos Raonic in the Wimbledon finales this year. Even if he didn’t win he played so well during the entire tournament.
  5. Princess half registration – I am officially signed up for the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge for 2017! After having so much fun last time we went to Disney we decided to do it again, but this time we added the 5k run and our parents are coming as well.
  6. Ghostbusters – Took myself on a date to see the reboot of the Ghostbusters movie. I enjoyed it, and don’t understand why so many people are mad about it!
  7. Workout night with sisters – Went for a fun late night workout session with my sisters and then we went hunting Pokemon afterwards.
  8. Dashing Divas – The Allain’s participated in the Triple Challenge this year and this was the second of our three runs. Its great to have all my siblings running with me, but they all did the 5k and I did the 10k so I ran with my instagram friend Julie.
  9. Esks vs Ham – Marissa and I went to the July 23rd Football game of Esks vs Hamilton. The Eskimos ended up losing the game 31-37 but the half time show was Flo Rida who only played three songs but was so worth seeing.
  10. Taste of Edmonton – I have lived in Edmonton for 6 years and I still have never gone to the Taste of Edmonton festival, so this year I knew I wanted to check it out.
  11. Fireworks – Every year Kdays festival is held at Northlands and they have fireworks every night to finish off the day. I am fortunate to be able to see them from my place.
  12. Kdays – I went to check out the festival and enjoy some delicious foods and carnival sights.
  13. Simple Plan concert – I have loved Simple Plan since they first came out when I was in high school and went on an exchange to Quebec where they were really big. They were one of my first concerts that I went to, so I knew that I had to go see them at the Kdays concerts.
  14. Harry Potter release/birthday – On July 30th at midnight my Coles store celebrated the midnight release of the new Harry Potter book: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. It also fell on Harry Potter’s birthday so I knew I had to go and participate.
  15. Catan night – Fun night of food, games and campfire with friends.


  1. Summer decos – After taking down the Canada Day decorations I put up summer/beach decorations, and I love the way it turned out.
  2. Mud hero – My sisters and I signed up for our first mud run/obstacle run in Red Deer this year so we took a little road trip and got muddy. It was a lot of fun and hard work! At one point my shoe was sucked off by the mud, I climbed a ski hill in the mud and had to climb over a scary net high up in the air.
  3. Road trip to Calgary – We had originally planned to drive to Calgary for another 5k run after we finished in Red Deer. Unfortunately there was a big rain/lightning storm and we didn’t get to run, but we had a great time exploring Calgary.
  4. Pokemon go safari night – My sisters and I decided to go to the Edmonton Valley Zoo for their Safari night to catch some pokemon. It was very busy and the animals were loving it. It started to downpour so we had to leave early but it was a fantastic night.
  5. Meteor Shower at elk island – We went to Elk Island Park to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower this year. It was a beautiful night.
  6. Edmonton Marathon Weekend – I participated in the Edmonton Marathon weekend again this year. On Friday we went to the expo to pick up my running package and check out all the awesome vendors (lots of free samples) On Saturday morning there was a 3km Friendship run with John Stanton throughout the downtown area. On Sunday morning it was bright and early start. My sisters and I were participating in the 10k run. It was a tough run for me, but we finished!
  7. Moms Birthday – We celebrated mom’s birthday with dinner out followed by cake and ice cream. She loved the perfume we bought her.
  8. Mom and dads anniversary – My mom and dad celebrated their anniversary this month and we went out to a nice dinner with them.