80 Day Obsession: Day 11 – AAA

Hey Everyone!

I know that I just posted about yesterdays workout but I wanted to get back on track so here’s my Day 11 post!

Another day and another workout done! Today is Day 11 of my 80 day obsession journey and the workout of the day is AAA (That means Arms, Abs and A$$!) This is one of my favorite workout types and the fact that we were working negatives makes it that much better because I can feel the workout and feel that I am gaining strength.

DAY 11
3 sets/10 reps • 55 min.
Weights, Resistance Loops,
Strength Slides, Mat*


As I mentioned this workout is all about the negatives that means we focus on the eccentric movement and not the concentric movements. What does that mean? Well, you contract for a count of one and then you take three seconds to return to your starting position. This is a great way to get stronger, and since this is a heavier lifting day because we are doing 3 sets of 10 you can increase your weights even more.

One of the reasons that I really like this workout is the variety of movements you are working a bunch of different muscle groups and you get through the movements quickly so if there is one that you might not particularly like you are done of it before you know it and moving right along to the next one.

Something that Autumn mentioned in this video really hit home today she was talking about how we are in the middle of week two and how the mental game is starting to kick in because the newness of the program has worn off and you probably aren’t feeling it as much as you were last week. As soon as I heard this I was like “Yes that’s definitely where I’m at today!” She said to set a goal/intention for this workout and it really got me to remember to focus on just today. If I sat here and thought about the 69 days that I have left I get a little overwhelmed, but just getting through a 60 minute workout is much easier to focus on. That little switch in mindset was exactly what I needed!

Upright Row
Bent Over Fly
Frog Sliders
Glute Bridge w/Loop

Skull Crushers
Weighted Ab Sit-Up
Quad Ped Heel Press

Bent Over Row
Hammer Curl
Knee Tucks
Fire Hydrant

 After I was finished with this workout I felt great! I could really feel my muscles working and I felt happy that I was able to cross off another day on the calendar! If you want to follow along with my journey on Instagram check out @allisonshapesup and if you have any comments or questions I would love to hear from you.





80 Day Obsession : Day 2 – Booty


Hey guys,

Today is day 2 of my 80 Day obsession workout. I woke up early again this morning to get the workout in before leaving for work. When I got up this morning I was a little sore, but not too bad.

I’m glad I decided to do this program over the summer months because it’s much easier to wake up early when the sun is already awake as well. This mornings workout was a booty workout.

2 SETS • 15 REPS

This workout lasts 60 minutes and the only thing you really need is resistance bands (you might want a mat, and/or a chair to help you stabilize). The workout starts with the same warmup that you did yesterday

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. High Knees
  3. Frontward arm circles
  4. Side Twists
  5. Arm Extends
  6. Side Bends
  7. Backward arm circles
  8. Repeat 4-6 on opposite side
  9. Squats with forward bend

This warm up is very quick and then you immediately get into the real workout.  This booty workout is divided into 5 series  which each consist of 3 different types of movements and you do two sets of each series.

This workout contains a lot more targeted toning moves and you spend a lot of the time on the ground so I didn’t burn as many calories as yesterday, but I was still able to burn over 300 calories in the hour.

It really feels like the cast are having a great time doing the workouts. They make jokes and play around and are having fun together. At the same time they look to be struggling through the moves as well.


  1. Glute Bridge
  2. Bridge to Clam
  3. 1st Position Bridge


  1. Straight Leg Lift
  2. Toe Taps Across & Side
  3. Circles


  1. Toe Taps Front & Back
  2. Clams
  3. Press Backs


  1. Standing Hinge
  2. Leg Press Side
  3. Bend Over Press Back


  1. Squat Side-to-Side
  2. Duck Walk
  3. Side Lunges

I really liked the workout and found that almost immediately my glutes, inner and outer thighs, quads, hamstrings and even my shoulders were burning. You might be spending a lot of the time on the floor but you are working your butt (literally)

The moves are pretty easy to do so there isn’t really much modifications that need to be made except you can hold onto something when standing for added balance. I really felt like I got a great workout after this one, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store especially cause I will probably be sore!


If you want to follow along with me on Instagram check out @allisonshapesup for more pics/videos.



Edmonton Marathon Weekend – My first 10k race

edm marLast December I received an email from the running room letting me know that the price for the Edmonton Marathon was about to be raised, and that I should sign up for the run before that happened to save some money. I decided that I would use the Edmonton Marathon as my first official 10k race, so I signed up to participate. This was a good way to push myself to run further but to give myself lots of time to train.

Well I continued running mostly 5k races and didn’t really train as much I should have for my 10k race, and soon enough August was rolling around and I was hesitantly counting down the amount of days I had left to train before the run. Before I knew it the Marathon weekend was here and it was time run.

Friday August 21st

After work, my friend Cailin, who was running the Half Marathon,  and I decided to meet up at the Shaw Conference Center to pick up our race packages and go through the sports expo.

We showed up around 4pm and the place was already starting to get busy with other runners doing the same. You had to walk through the sports expo to get to the package pickup, so we took our time looking around at all the booths. There were a lot of free goodies being given away like protein bars, gym towel, juice and chicken proteinis just to name a few of the things I got.

When we got to the package pickup the process was very easy. They gave me my bag, I got my chip scanned to make sure that it was working and the information was correct and I was all set to go. They had pictures of the route on display which was nice to be able to see where we were going to run. The ladies shirt this year was black and the material is really nice. The men’s shirt was light blue.

After we picked up our packages we walked back through the expo and spotted John Stanton’s booth. For those of you unfamiliar with him he is the founder of the Running Room which is an Alberta based company that started right here in Edmonton back in 1984, and has now grown to over 115 locations in Canada and the US. They offer training courses from learning how to walk, do 5ks or run a marathon. They also sponsor a lot of running events like the Edmonton Marathon itself.


Saturday August 22nd

On Saturday the Running Room sponsored a friendship 3k km/walk for the participants of the marathon, so on Saturday Morning Cailin, Marissa and myself made our way back down to the Shaw Conference Center to participate.

I was really glad that I went to the event because before the run we got to listen to John Stanton give us some advice about how to approach the run the following morning. He is such an accomplished runner himself I made sure to soak up all the information that he was giving out. It was also a great opportunity to meet all pace bunnies and find the one that would be running the time that you were hoping to finish.

Then we all exited the conference center and ran/walked down the hill. It was a really path and it was a fun easy run to get out and meet some other runners and get a light workout in the day before the run. We took our time and just walked it, but had fun nonetheless.

After the run we headed back into the Shaw Conference Center and had a great breakfast and stood around chatting for a bit. We decided to walk back through the expo and get some more goodies. We also went by the animal shelter and they had some bunnies that needed to be adopted. I wish I could save all the animals, but I already have two bad bunnies at home.

IMG_8120IMG_8126IMG_8130 IMG_8129 IMG_8136 IMG_8137 IMG_8135 IMG_8139 IMG_8144 IMG_8143 IMG_8147IMG_8146IMG_8151 IMG_8155  

Sunday August 23rd

The night before the race I had some difficulty sleeping. I think I was a little nervous as this was my first 10k and therefore the longest distance that I have run. I woke up a few times through the night afraid that I was going to be late. When I actually woke up I got dressed and ready to head out the door.


My race started at 7:30 so by 6:45 I started walking to the train. For a Sunday morning there were a lot of people on the train because there were a lot of people making their way downtown for the run.

As I was walking to the Conference Center I could hear the national anthem being played and got to see the marathon runners leave. I made my way into the center to gear check and dropped off my bag and went back upstairs to wait for my start. I actually met up with a friend who was running and hung out with her group until it was time to head to the starting line. It was pretty chilly just standing around waiting, but luckily it wasn’t too long.

IMG_8171 IMG_8172 IMG_8174 IMG_8178 It started by listening to the national anthem again and then there was a countdown and we were off. We raced down Jasper Avenue which is one of the main streets in Edmonton. It was nice to see a lot of volunteers, police officers and people around to cheer us on. There were a lot of people who had come out with signs which helped to pass some of the time.

During the Edmonton Marathon the rules state that you aren’t allowed to use headphones since the roads are not completely closed off and you need to be able to hear officials in case an elite runner is trying to pass you. I decided that I would play music from my phone without headphones, but in the end I didn’t even bother turning on my music. There was more than enough to look at and think about on my run that I didn’t find it too bad.


IMG_8180   IMG_8183I had decided that I wanted to run the race in between 1:10-1:15 minutes, and I was keeping up with my pace bunny really well for the first 5k, but then lost her around the time we switched back. At least I could see that I was well ahead of my other bunny, but unfortunately I wasn’t sure to stop and walk.

On the way back we met up with the Half Marathoners who left 30 minutes after us. I was able to see Cailin and cheer each other on which was nice. It was really inspirational to see some of the elite runners and how fast they were actually going. By this time there were a lot more people who were out to cheer us on. There was an entire block party held by Lululemon and they had some great signs which really helped to push me through the last 2k. As I turned on to Jasper I could see the end in sight, and as I got closer to the finish line I decided to speed up as there was a lady in front of me I wasn’t going to let beat me.

I crossed the finish line in 1:10:55 and got my finisher medal. This is now my personal best time (since it was my first run) I actually didn’t feel very tired and thought I could have run longer. I also knew that I could definitely run faster as well. I grabbed some water and a snack and waited at the finish line to watch as other people finished.

IMG_8184 IMG_8187 IMG_8190 IMG_8186It was incredible to see the elite runners finish. The top half marathon finish time was 1:03 for a man and 1:13 for a woman. Then I watched as the first man finished the marathon in 2:28. It was actually a man from Edmonton who won which was nice to see him accomplish something so spectacular in his hometown. After watching them cross the finish line I went and picked up my stuff at gear check because it was getting cold. I came back just in time to see Cailin finish her race at 1:54 she set her personal best time!

IMG_8196 IMG_8197 IMG_8200 IMG_8201After she finished we went down to the brunch to eat some food. We weren’t exactly thrilled with the food choice since there was not much selection. We sat down and watched some of the awards being passed out to the winners of the different categories. They had a big screen with everyone’s finish time being displayed which was nice. They were taking a long time in between categories so we soon decided to leave. So we decided to head home. It was nice to relax after the run and realize that I had checked off another item on my fitness goals list. I guess the next goal will be to run a half marathon.

IMG_8202Processed with MoldivProcessed with Moldiv



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