80 Day Obsession: Day 6 – Cardio Flow

Hey guys!

This is going up a day later because life got in the way and I was enjoying time with family having fun and living my best life 🙂 Better late than never right?

2 SETS • 15 REPS |


This workout is unlike all the others because this workout will be the same the entire 80 days the only difference is that in phase one you complete four reps of each move, in phase two you do six reps each and in the final phase you do eight reps each. The nice thing about this is that you will get to see a progression and make sure that you are getting stronger.

The workout is kind of like a ladder workout where each move adds on to the previous one. So how it works is that you complete four reps of the first move and then you go back to the beginning do another set of the first move and then add on 4 reps of the second move. Then you start back at the beginning do four reps of the first, second and third move etc adding another move each time. When you get to the tenth and final move you end the workout with two run-throughs of all ten moves.

There is no warmup for this workout since the first two moves act like a warmup.

  1. Inchworms
  2. Spider pushups
  3. Diamond squats
  4. Flamingos
  5. Duck lunges
  6. Gorillas
  7. Step-throughs
  8. Bear walks
  9. Crab tricep dips
  10. Mule to frog

This is only a 30-minute workout but it is a tough one! You don’t realize how much those four reps add up until you’re doing all the moves back to back. I will be honest that this morning when I woke up my hamstrings, quads, glutes and core were really sore so I didn’t really give this workout my all. I’m glad that this workout will be the same so that I can really do better next time and challenge myself to get through the entire workout without any modifications in the future.


Today is Sunday so I’m watching the weekly obsession episode and planning out my week. Hope that you all have a great week. If you have any comments or questions I would love to hear from you.