80 Day Obsession: Day 12 – Legs


It’s day 12 and that means it’s everyones favourite… Leg day!! It’s been a long week and I am ready for the weekend, so I was ready to get this workout over with so I could enjoy the evening. So right after work I got home and immediately changed into my workout clothes and started the workout.

DAY 12
3 sets/10 reps • 52 min.


This week is all about lifting heavier so this workout is three shorter sets. During this video Autumn was struggling with her grip strength and it was nice to see that she is real and even she struggles at times. It really helped me get through my workout.

Reverse Lunges
Curtsy Lunges

Sumo Squats
Front Diagonal Lunges
Twisting Back Angle Lunge

Single-Leg Good Morning
Hip Hinge
Buddha Squats

My body was a little tight from yesterday luckily it was mostly my triceps and upper body so I got through the workout. I’m kind of dreading the workout tomorrow but for now I am gonna watch tv and enjoy the evening.

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80 Day Obsession: Day 11 – AAA

Hey Everyone!

I know that I just posted about yesterdays workout but I wanted to get back on track so here’s my Day 11 post!

Another day and another workout done! Today is Day 11 of my 80 day obsession journey and the workout of the day is AAA (That means Arms, Abs and A$$!) This is one of my favorite workout types and the fact that we were working negatives makes it that much better because I can feel the workout and feel that I am gaining strength.

DAY 11
3 sets/10 reps • 55 min.
Weights, Resistance Loops,
Strength Slides, Mat*


As I mentioned this workout is all about the negatives that means we focus on the eccentric movement and not the concentric movements. What does that mean? Well, you contract for a count of one and then you take three seconds to return to your starting position. This is a great way to get stronger, and since this is a heavier lifting day because we are doing 3 sets of 10 you can increase your weights even more.

One of the reasons that I really like this workout is the variety of movements you are working a bunch of different muscle groups and you get through the movements quickly so if there is one that you might not particularly like you are done of it before you know it and moving right along to the next one.

Something that Autumn mentioned in this video really hit home today she was talking about how we are in the middle of week two and how the mental game is starting to kick in because the newness of the program has worn off and you probably aren’t feeling it as much as you were last week. As soon as I heard this I was like “Yes that’s definitely where I’m at today!” She said to set a goal/intention for this workout and it really got me to remember to focus on just today. If I sat here and thought about the 69 days that I have left I get a little overwhelmed, but just getting through a 60 minute workout is much easier to focus on. That little switch in mindset was exactly what I needed!

Upright Row
Bent Over Fly
Frog Sliders
Glute Bridge w/Loop

Skull Crushers
Weighted Ab Sit-Up
Quad Ped Heel Press

Bent Over Row
Hammer Curl
Knee Tucks
Fire Hydrant

 After I was finished with this workout I felt great! I could really feel my muscles working and I felt happy that I was able to cross off another day on the calendar! If you want to follow along with my journey on Instagram check out @allisonshapesup and if you have any comments or questions I would love to hear from you.




80 Day Obsession: Day 9 – Booty

Hey everyone!

It’s Day 9 and I decided to do my workout after work again. The workout of the day is a booty workout and I was actually looking forward to this one.

The only thing that you need for this workout is resistance bands, and it’s good to have different strengths so that you can switch them out as necessary.

3 SETS • 10 REPS


Glute Bridge
Bridge to Clam
1st Position Bridge

Straight Leg Lift
Toe Taps Across & Side

Toe Taps Front & Back
Press Backs

Standing Hinge
Leg Press Side
Bend Over Press Back

Squat Side-to-Side
Duck Walk
Side Lunges

I really liked this workout first of all I really felt it. Even though you do less reps this time Autumn makes you do all your reps for one series on one side and then you switch to the other side whereas in the previous workout you could alternate sides. Even though for the majority of the workout I was on the ground I was still able to burn over 300 calories.


During this workout the cast were really having a great time and laughing and joking. You can really tell that they enjoy working together and support each other. The modifier was having a hard time knocking over her water bottle and having trouble with her resistance bands but they were really supportive.

Still really enjoying the workouts and I think I will keep doing the evening workouts this week because I didn’t hate it. If you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear from you.


80 Day Obsession: Day 8 – Total Body Core

Hey everyone!!

I didn’t get a great sleep on Sunday night so when I woke up on Monday morning I decided that I would do my workout after work instead of the morning.

I will say that I do normally have more energy in the mornings but when I got home from work I put my workout clothes on and got to work.

This week we start all the workouts again. The first day of the week is Total Body Core. The only difference from last week is that this time we do 3 sets of 10 reps for each move and use heavier weights.

3 sets/10 reps • 60 min.

Squat Rotating Shoulder Press
Lateral Bear Crawl
Spider Loops

Bent Over Row, Single, Single
One Hand Renegade Row Twist w/Loop
Boat Pose Lat Pull

Push-Up Leg Lift w/Loop
Chest Fly w/Leg Lift
Side V Loop Kicks

Staggered Stance Bicep Curl
C-Curve Crunch w/Weights at 90
Side Plank Knee Pull

Tricep Kickbacks: Single, Single
Single-Arm Loop Extension
Tricep Push-Up

The workout moves pretty quickly because there are fewer reps and there is little to no time in between the moves/sets. I didn’t burn as many calories as the first week but it was still a good workout.

I even earned my June Challenge award from my apple watch! If you want to follow along with me on instagram check out @allisonshapes up


If you have any comments or questions I would love to hear from you!


80 Day Obsession : Day 2 – Booty


Hey guys,

Today is day 2 of my 80 Day obsession workout. I woke up early again this morning to get the workout in before leaving for work. When I got up this morning I was a little sore, but not too bad.

I’m glad I decided to do this program over the summer months because it’s much easier to wake up early when the sun is already awake as well. This mornings workout was a booty workout.

2 SETS • 15 REPS

This workout lasts 60 minutes and the only thing you really need is resistance bands (you might want a mat, and/or a chair to help you stabilize). The workout starts with the same warmup that you did yesterday

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. High Knees
  3. Frontward arm circles
  4. Side Twists
  5. Arm Extends
  6. Side Bends
  7. Backward arm circles
  8. Repeat 4-6 on opposite side
  9. Squats with forward bend

This warm up is very quick and then you immediately get into the real workout.  This booty workout is divided into 5 series  which each consist of 3 different types of movements and you do two sets of each series.

This workout contains a lot more targeted toning moves and you spend a lot of the time on the ground so I didn’t burn as many calories as yesterday, but I was still able to burn over 300 calories in the hour.

It really feels like the cast are having a great time doing the workouts. They make jokes and play around and are having fun together. At the same time they look to be struggling through the moves as well.


  1. Glute Bridge
  2. Bridge to Clam
  3. 1st Position Bridge


  1. Straight Leg Lift
  2. Toe Taps Across & Side
  3. Circles


  1. Toe Taps Front & Back
  2. Clams
  3. Press Backs


  1. Standing Hinge
  2. Leg Press Side
  3. Bend Over Press Back


  1. Squat Side-to-Side
  2. Duck Walk
  3. Side Lunges

I really liked the workout and found that almost immediately my glutes, inner and outer thighs, quads, hamstrings and even my shoulders were burning. You might be spending a lot of the time on the floor but you are working your butt (literally)

The moves are pretty easy to do so there isn’t really much modifications that need to be made except you can hold onto something when standing for added balance. I really felt like I got a great workout after this one, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store especially cause I will probably be sore!


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80 Day Obsession

Hey guys I’m back!

As you can probably tell from my lack of posting I have kind of fallen off the wagon not only of posting on here, but also I’ve taken a way too long break from working out and working on myself since recently giving up my gym membership.

This weekend I was doing a lot of thinking about whether or not it’s possible to get in shape without spending a lot of money. The fitness industry is a multi billion dollar a year business (Something like 87.5billion dollars a year!!) and someone can invest a lot of money through gym memberships, fitness classes, equipment and other activities and still not see any results.

I decided to challenge myself to see if I can lose weight and get in shape on a budget and determine if working out at home is as efficient as working out in an expensive gym?

That’s when I thought about beachbody and their new on demand service. I have tried a lot of their programs in the past, 21 day fix, insanity, and turbojam to name a few, and really enjoyed the variety of workouts that they have. Their new on demand service is quite inexpensive ($39 for 3 months including a 2 week free trial period). You can stream as many of the workouts as you want, the library includes over 40 different programs and over 600 workouts in total which makes this a pretty sweet deal.



Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about 80 day obsession through people on instagram, and really wanted to give it a try, but it is exclusive to the on demand service. Autumn Calabrese’s programs have been some of my favorites so I decided I would sign up for the on demand to give it a shot.


80 day obsession (actually works out to be 90 days when you include the rest days) includes a new workout each day. There are 6 different workout types which will work different areas. There is also a meal plan that you can follow.

The nice thing about these workouts is that there is very limited equipment needed (barbells, resistance bands and sliders) all of which I already owned before starting out, but if you had to you could easily purchase for relatively little money.  Also for someone like me who owns a Condo in an apartment style building there isn’t much space needed.

Yesterday I read through the starter guide and watched the first episode of “weekly obsessed which is a behind the scenes look at what is coming up during the next week of workouts.  You get to meet the cast and see what goes on before/after the workouts.


Today was the first official day of doing the workouts. I woke up early to get it in before having to leave for work. Day 1 is Total body core which is 60 minutes in total.

2 SETS • 15 REPS |

Total body core obviously works out the entire body/core. You go through 5 series,  which work different muscle areas (Shoulders, Back, Chest, Biceps and Triceps) and each consist of 3 different workouts that really incorporate most of your muscle groups including core. After the 5th series you start over and repeat the entire thing again. For this workout you need different sized barbells and resistance bands.


I enjoyed the workout and found that it went pretty quickly because you are constantly changing things up. I also found that it was easy to follow along and even though I did some modifications (especially the second time) I still was able to get quite sweaty and burn over 400 calories in under an hour.


It’s nice to see that the cast are in a similar situation they are going through this with you and I hope that I progress so that in future workouts I won’t be doing as much modifying.

Have you tried 80 day obsession or have any tips/hints about fitness on a budget? Feel free to leave a message, comment or question.

Stay tuned to see how the workout goes tomorrow, and if you want to follow along with me over on instagram check out @allisonshapesup