80 Day Obsession: Day 4 – AAA

Hey everyone!

So I definitely felt my abs this morning when I was getting out of bed! Isn’t that just the best sort of pain after having a great workout when you can still function but you know that you worked hard!!

It’s day 4 and that means a new type of workout. This morning was AAA which stands for Arms, Abs and A$$. I’m really enjoying switching up the workout types each day! This workout has 3 series which each consists of 4 moves. We do 2 sets of 15 reps for each series for a total of 49 minutes.

What do you need for this workout? Different sets of weights, resistance bands, strength slides and water. Its also good to have a mat and a towel nearby in case you need them.

2 SETS • 15 REPS


Ok so this workout really focuses on the negatives which means for example in the upright row you row up for 1 second and on the release you slow it down for 3 seconds. This is a really great way to build strength but it usually means that you won’t be able to lift as heavily as you normally do.  It’s really good to have a selection of different weights so you can switch them out or do a drop set if you want to.

Upright Row
Bent Over Fly
Frog Sliders
Glute Bridge w/Loop

Skull Crushers
Weighted Ab Sit-Up
Knee Plank Heel Press

Bent Over Row
Hammer Curl
Knee Tucks
Fire Hydrant

This workout is a lot more toning moves and so I didn’t burn as many calories as the cardio day but I still burned just under 300 cals in less time. I really like working negatives because it allows you to really feel the work in a short amount of time. The fact that you cycle through different types of movements (arms, abs, a$$) makes the workout fly by and before you know it you are on the second set.


There are still a couple different types of workouts to go through so I’m excited to see what they are so I can decide which ones will be my favorites! Are you doing the workouts?? What do you think so far?

If you want to you can follow along with me on instagram @allisonshapesup




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