80 Day Obsession

Hey guys I’m back!

As you can probably tell from my lack of posting I have kind of fallen off the wagon not only of posting on here, but also I’ve taken a way too long break from working out and working on myself since recently giving up my gym membership.

This weekend I was doing a lot of thinking about whether or not it’s possible to get in shape without spending a lot of money. The fitness industry is a multi billion dollar a year business (Something like 87.5billion dollars a year!!) and someone can invest a lot of money through gym memberships, fitness classes, equipment and other activities and still not see any results.

I decided to challenge myself to see if I can lose weight and get in shape on a budget and determine if working out at home is as efficient as working out in an expensive gym?

That’s when I thought about beachbody and their new on demand service. I have tried a lot of their programs in the past, 21 day fix, insanity, and turbojam to name a few, and really enjoyed the variety of workouts that they have. Their new on demand service is quite inexpensive ($39 for 3 months including a 2 week free trial period). You can stream as many of the workouts as you want, the library includes over 40 different programs and over 600 workouts in total which makes this a pretty sweet deal.



Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about 80 day obsession through people on instagram, and really wanted to give it a try, but it is exclusive to the on demand service. Autumn Calabrese’s programs have been some of my favorites so I decided I would sign up for the on demand to give it a shot.


80 day obsession (actually works out to be 90 days when you include the rest days) includes a new workout each day. There are 6 different workout types which will work different areas. There is also a meal plan that you can follow.

The nice thing about these workouts is that there is very limited equipment needed (barbells, resistance bands and sliders) all of which I already owned before starting out, but if you had to you could easily purchase for relatively little money.  Also for someone like me who owns a Condo in an apartment style building there isn’t much space needed.

Yesterday I read through the starter guide and watched the first episode of “weekly obsessed which is a behind the scenes look at what is coming up during the next week of workouts.  You get to meet the cast and see what goes on before/after the workouts.


Today was the first official day of doing the workouts. I woke up early to get it in before having to leave for work. Day 1 is Total body core which is 60 minutes in total.

2 SETS • 15 REPS |

Total body core obviously works out the entire body/core. You go through 5 series,  which work different muscle areas (Shoulders, Back, Chest, Biceps and Triceps) and each consist of 3 different workouts that really incorporate most of your muscle groups including core. After the 5th series you start over and repeat the entire thing again. For this workout you need different sized barbells and resistance bands.


I enjoyed the workout and found that it went pretty quickly because you are constantly changing things up. I also found that it was easy to follow along and even though I did some modifications (especially the second time) I still was able to get quite sweaty and burn over 400 calories in under an hour.


It’s nice to see that the cast are in a similar situation they are going through this with you and I hope that I progress so that in future workouts I won’t be doing as much modifying.

Have you tried 80 day obsession or have any tips/hints about fitness on a budget? Feel free to leave a message, comment or question.

Stay tuned to see how the workout goes tomorrow, and if you want to follow along with me over on instagram check out @allisonshapesup





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