21 day Fix Review: Lower Fix

Hello everyone!

Here is part 3 in my 21 Day Fix Challenge series.


My sisters and I are participating in a 21 day fix challenge from Beachbody this month so I thought I would review the challenge for you guys and let you know what I think about the workouts. Our challenge began on January 5th, but I have already tried out all the workouts previously.

The next workout in the series is Lower Fix, so let’s talk about this one.

  • Workout – Lower Fix
  • Length – 29:55
  • Equipment needed
    • Dumbbell (2 sets one light and one heavy) or resistance band
    • Mini Mat (optional)
    • Water and towel
    • Adequate space to jump around
  • Trainer – Autumn Calabrese
    • She is a celebrity fitness trainer and a national level bikini competitor
    • Personal trainer certification from NASM and AFPA
    • She is a fitness specialist for http://www.ModernMom.com
    • Workouts featured in many magazines and TV Shows
  • Inspirational quote of workout – If you are tired of starting over stop giving up.

The workout starts with a quick warm up, and the warm up is the same for all the workouts in the series. She does two rounds of 5 moves for a total of 3 minutes.


Warm up

  • Jog in place
  • Jumping jacks
    • Make sure no T-Rex arms!
  • Windmills
    • Big arm circles in both directions
  • Over the top stretch (to both sides)
    • Reach over top and sink into the left leg. Take forearm to the quad. No rest before you go to the other side.
  • Hamstring Stretch
    • Toes forward arms out and reach over and across to your opposite toe
  • The warm up is very quick and easy to follow, but does get you warm and your heartrate starts rising. At any point of the workout you can look at Kat for modifications if you aren’t able to perform the move as Autumn shows it. If you have to modify the warm up (or workout) you will still get your heart rate up and cause you to sweat.
  • The second time through she asks you to up the intensity and go a little bit faster or push a little deeper. So far I find her motivating. Some people complain about her voice and saying yah too much but I didn’t notice this and was paying attention to how awesome she looks instead!


Lower Fix

The workout consists of 4 rounds made up of 2 exercises which last 1 minute each and have a 20 second break in between. For this type of workout you go at your own pace there is no set number of reps that you have to perform instead you go until you can’t do anymore.


Round 1IMG_0241

  • Side-Back Lunge (to the right)
    • Grab heavy weights
    • Lunge to the right with the weights in front framing your knee. Then come back to center with legs together. Lunge your right leg backward and return to starting position.IMG_0242
  • Squat-Knee raise
    • Grab heavy weights
    • With the weights at your shoulder heights squat down and as you come up raise your knee. Alternate legs.
  • Repeat round 1 to opposite direction


Round 2

  • Curtsy Lunge
    • Grab heavy weightsIMG_0246
    • With weights at shoulder height step your right leg behind your left heel drop the knee to the ground come up and repeat with opposite leg.
    • Make sure to keep your feet and pelvis forward.
    • If you are using the resistance band you will do one side for 30 seconds and then switch.
  • Calf RaisesIMG_0247
    • Grab heavy weights
    • With your weights at your side raise up on to your toes and then drop it down.
    • For the last 10 seconds hold in the upright position
  • Repeat round 2


Round 3

  • Split squats (Right leg)IMG_0249
    • Grab your heavy weights
    • Holding them at your side step backwards with your right leg and drop your knee so you are hovering just above the ground.
    • For the last 10 seconds hold and hover above the ground.
    • Most people would call this a lunge, but for some reason she calls it a split squat
  • Sumo squatIMG_0250
    • Grab heavy weights
    • Hold the weights at shoulder height or in front of you and in a wide stance turn your feet out slightly. Lower yourself down into a squat and then squeeze it up.
    • Hold down for the last 10 seconds.
  • Repeat round 3 on the opposite leg

IMG_0251Round 4

  • Thigh Leg lift
    • No weight neededIMG_0252
    • Come down to a sitting position. Have your right leg out straight and your left leg bent. Point your toe, sit up and with your left hand up in the air lift your leg and touch with your hand.
    • Do one leg for 30 seconds and then switch to the other leg
    • There might be one side that feels easier than the other.
  • Quad raises
    • Sitting in the same position point your toes up to the ceiling and flex your foot. Lift your foot up and bring it back down then take it out and back in. Repeat
    • Do one leg for 30 seconds and then switch to the other leg.
  • Repeat Round 4
    • This round looks like it will be easy, but my legs/thighs burn after this move. I think it’s because these are moves that you don’t do very often. I think I have to add these moves to my other workouts!


Bonus Round

  • Fire hydrantsIMG_0256
    • Get on your hands and knees and lift into a fire hydrant position (Leg lifted with your leg turned think of a dog about to do his business) Push the leg straight back and then pull it back in.
    • Repeat on the other side.
    • This might be a bonus round however it is not optional. You have to perform it.

Cool down

  • Child’s pose
    • Open knees up wide while sinking your booty down on to heels and reach fingers out in front of you
    • Walk hands around to the right side press left glute down onto left heel and repeat on the left side
  • Hamstring stretch
    • Sit down and straighten legs in front of you reach for your feet
    • If you can reach your toes pull them up for extra stretch
  • Hip opener stretch
    • Bring the soles of your feet together and lean forward and push the knees down with your elbows
    • Open legs wide and stretch forward trying to lay your head on the floor in front of you
    • Walk your hands over to the right and reach for right leg and repeat on the opposite side
  • Shoulder stretch
    • Bring your Left arm over to the right side and hold. Repeat on opposite side
  • Chest Stretch
    • Bring arms behind back and interlace the fingers and pull down
  • Quad Stretch
    • Stand up and grab the right foot towards your booty. Repeat on the other side
  • Inhale with arms up
  • Workout completed!

My Thoughts

  • This is another good workout I was able to burn about 230 calories in one 30 minute session. The moves are all straight forward and easy enough to understand. There are always modifications for people who might not be able to perform them the way that Autumn shows.
  • Music – I didn’t mind the background music it is generic, but every song has a nice beat and helps you get through the moves.
  • Set – Just like all the beachbody workouts they have a nice looking set. They know how to make production value a priority.
  • Autumn – I love this outfit that she is wearing a black crop top off the shoulder shirt with fluorescent neon yellow shorts. It makes her look so tan and shows off her incredible stomach/body.
  • Background exercisers are good. Again in this video she teases one of the guys making fun of him for having really light weights. Again there is a great mixture of types of people working out with her. For the resistance band this time there is a guy showing you that no matter who you are or what level you are at you can perform these workouts.
  • The workouts go by pretty quickly!

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