Resolutions and Runs – Why not mix the two?

It’s that time of year again everyone. Another year is over and a new one’s just begun. If you stick around to the end of the post you will see my top 5 goals of the year.

IMG_2007Yesterday to start the New Year off on the right foot I signed up to participate in the 30th annual Resolution Run 5k Race hosted by the Running Room. When you signed up you got a running room jacket, but when I went to pick up my package they had run out of my size so I had to get a slightly larger one. It was ok I had enough room underneath do wear some layers.IMG_2011 IMG_2012 IMG_2015 IMG_2018On the day of the event the weather was pretty good. It wasn’t very cold, but there was a little bit of rain in the air. I went to pick up my sister and we got to the event pretty early because the venue was close to her house. This year it was held at the William Lutsky YMCA in Edmonton. Mallory hadn’t preregistered so she had to pay there and unfortunately they had run out of all the jackets except the XXL which would not work. After she paid we went to meet up with some Tone it Up Edmonton Girls, but we didn’t have to wait very long for the race to get started.

IMG_2020 IMG_2026 IMG_2028 IMG_2030 IMG_2032 IMG_2033We decided to make our way to the starting line, but unfortunately we had to start pretty far back. Soon we were off but we weren’t moving very quickly. There were a lot of people out to participate a lot of walkers and slower runners just starting out so for the first 500m or so it was a dodging game. It’s great to see people coming out and learning to enjoy running. The pathway was pretty good throughout the run, but there were some areas that had uneven ground or slippery parts. We were running on side streets of a rural area so there were some areas with cars driving through which was kind of annoying.

IMG_2035The course was a giant loop and let me tell you it was really nice to see the finish line. Before the race I had decided to tape my toe as it was still hurting and this was the first time that I would be running since I hurt it. I was able to finish the race in 33:53 definitely not my fastest time but I’m okay with that as it gives me something to work towards for my next race.


This is a picture of my finish time not this random dude by the finish line.

IMG_2042 IMG_2045 IMG_2048 IMG_2051After everyone was finished we got a few pictures by the finish line and then made our way inside to have pancake breakfast. As I mentioned there were a lot of people so we had a little bit of a wait to get some food but it was actually pretty tasty. We were all in the gym sitting on the floor like elementary students, but it was fun to hang out and chat for a bit. Any food tastes good after a 5k run!


They announced some door prizes, but none of us won anything, so it was time to head out. It truly was a great time and a great way to start 2015. Can’t wait to do some more races.

What are your resolutions/goals of 2015? (Let me know in the comments what your top 5 goals of the year are) My top 5 goals are:

  1. Reach a “normal” BMI – Even though I think this method of measuring healthy weight isn’t the best I still want to be in the “normal” range for my height.
  2. Run a 10k race – I have signed up for one in August but I might run one before.
  3. Increase flexibility – Do more yoga and pilates!
  4. Get enough sleep – Stop staying up too late wasting time watching televsion!
  5. Be more active on blog – I’m going to try the best I can to stick to a MondayWednesday/Friday posting schedule. It might be days of just a picture or a quote but I’ll do my best to keep with it.



Be Happy, Be Active, Be Healthy

PS Check out the fitness blogs my sisters have started. I’m so lucky to have them along with me on this journey!

Marissa —

Mallory —


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