Groovin’ for the Cure 2014

Earlier this month Marissa and I went to the 4th annual Grooving for the Cure which is a dance-fitness charity event to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. It was held at the Enjoy Center in St. Albert on November 2nd. This is the first time that we have participated and we had so much fun.1404146361This was truly the ultimate dance party. We paid $25 for our tickets which got us into the event and also got our names put into the draw for the door prizes. The event was held from 1-3pm with registration being held at 12. We arrived at the venue around 12:15 and were pleasantly surprised that there was lots of parking. This was the first time that we were at the Enjoy Center and it was a great venue as there is a green house on site. It is a new building and their motto is Reflect, Relax, Reconnect.
There were already so many people there when we arrived. We had to sign a waiver and then got a pink bracelet to go into the room. It was very large and could hold a lot of people, and the stage was nice and high so that we could all see the instructors. We looked around and realized we had forgotten to wear pink!! Normally I have so much pink on, but for I had decided to wear my new Zumba wear which was purple pants so I decided to go with a purple theme. Looking around the room and seeing the sea of pink I quickly realized my mistake.
While we were waiting for the dancing to start we were able to look around at the tables set up from the sponsors which included Starbucks who were giving out samples of iced tea which was great. There was also a table from Amaranth which is a health food store located at the Enjoy center. They were giving out reusable shopping bags, magazines and energy bars. I actually got a call from Amaranth a few days later and I won a prize from them which I have to go and pick up 🙂
IMG_0119IMG_0206 IMG_0123
There was also a photo booth set up in support of the Kids Cancer program. There were fun props and Marissa and I took advantage to take some silly pictures.
Doing a lap around the room it was nice to see all the pink (sigh) and there was lots of information about breast cancer, breast cancer awareness and CBCF. They were selling t-shirts and handing out pink ribbons so Marissa and I both bought a t-shirt to support the cause. They were customizing the shirts for an extra $5 but we decided not to cut ours.
IMG_0107 1557240_10154792878800384_5106406958409612554_o
Shortly after we arrived more people started to pour in. I was surprised at how many people were there. We found a spot near the stage and waited for the fun to begin. At 1 pm we got started. There was some introductions and housekeeping information to go through before we started dancing. One of the speakers was a young girl whose sister had cancer. Her story was heartfelt and brought me to tears.
There were so many styles of dance represented not just Zumba. There was Hip Hop, Bhangra, Caribbean, dancehall, pop and soca to name a few. Lots of International flavours. We started out with a warm up and almost immediately there started to be some technical difficulties with the audio system started cutting in and out. It was very unfortunate and caused the choreographers to get thrown off. Luckily they were able to fix the problem for the majority of the day.

IMG_0108 IMG_0118 IMG_0124 IMG_0126

There were so many great dances, songs and instructors. Some of the highlights included the people from SOCAFIT who had so much energy and made me extremely jealous of their dance moves and amazing bodies. It was also great to see the beautiful dresses from the groups. It was interesting to see how the hand movements that we see in Cumbia style go along with wearing the beautiful skirts. As well it was great to see the Samba Edmonton dancers who are Afro-Brazilian style dancers. There were feathers going everywhere and it was amazing!
IMG_0139 IMG_0146 IMG_01471913301_10154792966940384_7374059770898832893_o1149437_10154792971435384_5073206634838885737_o


1524214_10154793015695384_4845229527992775240_o IMG_0153 IMG_01601412709_10154793113180384_7054345192299642246_o 1412791_10154792962335384_4359121832434466656_o 1913452_10154793004150384_2800246427840424479_o 1956881_10154792940750384_2707469171589089926_o 1961677_10154792990020384_4009880467083780785_o 10504802_10154792991325384_6188959446775743508_o 10548082_10154792920800384_1004918773121074900_o 10620238_10154792910920384_1737044760306294156_o 10697348_10154792934085384_7176921473941848630_o
Before we knew it, it was time to cool down and stretch. It was nice that for the final song there were a couple of girls who were singing the song live. Besides the technical difficulties the day was a great success. The theme of the day was Infectious Music – Intense Fun – Incredible Prizes and that was exactly how I would have described it. Both Marissa and I won a door prize. Mine was a world health set which included a t-shirt, a toque and a water bottle while Marissa won a gift certificate to get her hair done.

IMG_0123 10644294_10154792881455384_3907363340186198690_oIMG_0205In the end the event raised $10,920 for the CBCF. We were able to work out (and burn over 750 calories) for a great cause. We had so much fun and will definitely participate again in the future



Be Happy, Be Active, Be Healthy

**Professional photos courtesy of Christina Louise Photography check out her work here


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