Katy Perry – Prismatic World Tour

On September 1st I got to see one of my favorite singers in concert for the first time! This is my experience. Katy Perry has been one of my favorite artists since I Kissed a Girl was released in 2008! I have enjoyed all of her songs and constantly find myself going back to listen to the CDs over and over again. I bought Prism on the first day of release in October and still have it playing very often. My husband calls “Teenage Dream” our song, so when I heard that she was going to be doing a concert in Edmonton I knew that I needed to get tickets.

Rewind to January when the tickets went on sale and I was at work on one of the computers as well as my phone trying to get my hands on some tickets. And attempt after attempt the computer kept failing; I felt my chances quickly falling through my hands. Luckily I finally was able to get a couple of seats on the floor and was willing to pay whatever I needed to get them. Then it was just a waiting game from there.

Fast forward to September as the anticipation was finally coming to a close. I actually live close to Rexall Place so Marissa decided to meet me at my house to get ready to go over to the concert.

What I wore to the concert.

When we got to Rexall Place we decided that we would immediately get in the line up to buy some merchandise. All the lines were quite long, so it took almost an hour before we were able to get to the front. People watching at the concert was really cool. There were actually a lot of people who were dressed up and looked cute. They were going around and handing out “Prism Vision” glasses which look like 3D glasses but give everything a prismatic effect. It was interesting to take some pictures with it. When we finally got to choose our t-shirts there wasn’t much left in way of sizes, but we were able to pick out a couple of shirts that we liked.

Marissa in Prism vision

Marissa in Prism vision waiting in line for t-shirts

After that it was time to walk to our seats; which were on the floor. When we got to our seats we were very pleasantly surprised that they were so close to the stage. The stage is shaped like a prism and we were sitting right at the tip of it. We were right beside the fence so we had an amazing view of the stage area and no one was in our way or blocking us. We didn’t have much time to wait around because before we knew it the lights were going down. Let me tell you that there was definitely some excited people in Rexall that night, me included!

When the music started and we saw her dancers (right beside us!) everyone started screaming, and then the giant prism in the middle of the stage starts opening and we got out first view of Katy! Everyone went wild!! The first part of her set was the Prismatic section which included Roar, Part of Me, Wide Awake, This Moment, and Love Me. The dancers all came out in Neon Tribal wear and Katy was wearing an adorable Sleeveless, midriff baring tank with a cute circle skirt. They were both white with sequins all over them and the hems were colorful LED lights. Her hair was black, pulled back into a ponytail with LED Lights in them. She looked gorgeous! When she began singing Roar the place exploded!! She was less than a meter away from us at times which is still surreal! The crowd was great and everyone was singing along and really getting into things.

IMG_5774 IMG_5784 IMG_5792 IMG_5798 IMG_5802 IMG_5825 IMG_5829 IMG_5831

The next part of the set was the Egyptian section which reminded me of her Dark Horse video and so that is the song that she started off with. This set included Dark Horse, ET, Legendary Lovers and I Kissed a Girl. For her Entrance to Dark Horse she was atop a giant gold Egyptian horse, and the display behind her was pyramids. For this section she changed into a purple bodysuit with gold detailing, a detachable matching skirt with over-the-knee purple boots that laced up the front. Her hair was now a short Cleopatra style bob in black and blonde, and she had a headdress on as well. When it comes to Juicy J’s rap we got a giant animated rapper wearing King Tut’s headdress. It was actually very cool. After that it was ET which had an interesting part where Katy was lifted up and looking like she was being abducted. Soon she changed the skirt for a shiny goal slinky skirt before taking it off altogether and just having the purple bodysuit on. One cute thing was when she sang I Kissed a Girl there were female mummies who danced around her with some big booties. Let’s just say they gave Nicki Minaj a run for her money.

IMG_5839 IMG_5841 IMG_5842 IMG_5852 IMG_5855 IMG_5857 IMG_5863 IMG_5872 IMG_5873 IMG_5878

The next section was “Cat-oure” which included Hot N Cold and International Lover (with some Vogue by Madonna in there) It started with a little ‘movie’ with a cat going around Hollywood buying shoes etc. It was cute. When she came back out after changing she was wearing a pink cat suit with cheetah print, a tail and cute Cat ear headpiece. Her dancers were all dressed up like cats as well and it was cute that they had giant toy scratch posts to dance on. Then there was a runway show of all the cats and Katy had jewel encrusted fishbone over top her cat suit.

IMG_5901 IMG_5905 IMG_5907 IMG_5922

Next was the Acoustic section in which she sang By the Grace of God, The One that Got Away (with some Thinking of You in there) and Unconditionally. I must say that this was my favorite part of the show. For this part of the concert she was positioned at the end of the stage which means that she was right by us! She looked absolutely gorgeous when she came out in a long flowy gown with butterflies all over it and a white sparkly hooded cape, and pastel rainbow hair. The set was garden themed so her mike stand was a sunflower and the backup singers were dressed up as flowers as well. My favorite song on the Prism CD is definitely By the Grace of God it really resonates with me, and I swear when she sang this song at one point she looked right at me and looked into my soul lol! I didn’t even think that she would sing this song since it’s slower and not well known. During this section Kacey Musgraves came out and they sang a song together to celebrate her last night on the tour. They sang a Dolly Parton song and it was really nice. At one point Katy also put on a butterfly headpiece which actually moved, and at this point there were giant butterfly kites that were being flown around it was all so pretty. During this part of the show she did a lot of talking in between songs and was joking about how cold it was in Edmonton and how she never gets to see snow and can’t imagine living here.

IMG_5936 IMG_5950 IMG_5955 IMG_5958 IMG_5965 IMG_5969 IMG_5988 IMG_5991 IMG_6007 IMG_6011 IMG_6015

After that it was the Throw Back section which was really fun. There were a lot of bright colors and patterns so very 90’s. This part started off with a Mega mix Dance Party then Walking on Air, It Takes Two, This is How we Do (with part of Last Friday Night TGIF). For this part she wore a yellow happy face bra with a yellow mini skirt and happy face capri tights, sneakers and green pigtail hair. Then for It Take Two she had a Yin/Yang dress on which got really big and rotated. Then she took the skirt off and put a yellow vest on with her cool shades. At this point there were big balloon/blimps flying around including pink champagne, covergirl lipstick, taco, crap emoji etc…

While she changed into her next outfit there was a mini video which played on the display which was her in what appeared to be a mental institution all in white (Very Scream video by Janet and Michael Jackson) with green hair and it build until there were colors everywhere as Peacock played.

IMG_6028 IMG_6040 IMG_6051 IMG_6052 IMG_6054 IMG_6057 IMG_6114 IMG_6123 IMG_6130

The next section was Hyper Neon and she came out in a very bright neon green shell bra with palm tree skirt, yellow knee socks and bright pink shoes. Her pic for this part was bright orange. She sang Teenage Dream and California Girls during this part. Let’s just say very neon, very bright and I loved it!!

IMG_6142 IMG_6143 IMG_6151 IMG_6175

Then the concert was “over” but she came back for an encore which was Birthday. She came out a pink trench/rain jacket over a colorful bodysuit. When she took off the jacket you could see that the suit was full of birthday pics like cake, balloons etc. At this point some lucky girl got to go up on stage and get sung to and take selfies with Katy. While we were waiting in line for merch we actually heard one of the concert people telling the girl what she was going to do up on the stage etc. Let’s just say that we were very jealous! The dancers were insane in this section. Flying around on this “candles”/poles. Katy actually flew around Rexall during this song holding on to Balloons it was crazy.

IMG_6188 IMG_6194 IMG_6198 IMG_6204

For the finale we got a video on the screens telling us to put on our prism vision glasses. The final song was firework. Katy came out in a huge ball gown with fireworks all over it and sequined blue pants under it. She had blue gloves and mike for this part, and her hair was black/curly. It was actually really cool to see the set with the prism glasses. I took some pictures through the glasses so you can see what it was like. I think these pictures are beautiful. As the song came to a close the prism in the middle of the stage closed up and the concert was officially over!

IMG_6217 IMG_6227 IMG_6230 IMG_6239 IMG_6251

What an amazing experience!! We had two hours of pure fun, singing and dancing. If you ever get a chance to see her live you should go!! It was pretty tough to come home and go to sleep after that with all the adrenaline pumping. I might have been a little tired at work the next day, but it was worth it. If she comes back again on a different tour I will get tickets for that one too!!



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